We are a social and casual guild and our main goal is to create a community with friendly and helpful members where you can come to relax and unwind from a day of work, school, taking care of kids or whatever it may be. We know and respect that real life comes first.
Normal social rules apply in this guild as they do in social norms.
If you feel you are being annoyed by someone, try to discuss this with them as mature adults. If you are having a problem, and it is not resolved by you asking them kindly, please speak to a Officer, Senior Officer or the Guildmaster about this.
Don’t Spam, and don’t talk about topics that would insult or hurt your co-guildies.
Also, don’t be a cunt :smirk:
Do not recruit for other guilds (ESO or any other games) in guildchat or on Discord. Zone chat and private chats are fine and so are recommending trading guilds aswell.
One major rule is that we don’t allow drama. If you have problems or issues with someone or something, there’s mature ways to deal with this without causing drama.
Speak to the Guildmaster or an Officer if you see drama and they will deal with it accordingly.
Do not do anything that breaks any TOS or Eulas.
We apply a 30 days inactivity limit rule which means that members that are found to be set as Offline for 30 days or more will be kicked out of the guild. This rule is here to keep a active member base. If you know you will be absent for this amount of time or more, put information about this in your members note in the roster and/or inform a Rapscallion or higher ranked member.
:three: On Discord and in the in game guildchat we do speak english. If you want to speak other languages than this, please do so in private chats.
Please make sure to include your @ign in your name on discord. This helps us alot during events and stuff to easier pin down who you are.
* Whilst adult language and sexual references will be present, we are an international guild with people of all races, religions, and sexualities, so please also be respectful to your fellow guildies if they start to feel uncomfortable.
* Racism, homophobic, transphobic language, and insulting others beliefs won’t be tolerated.
* Joking about rape is never okay.
Please use it responsibly, it’s for communal benefit; the history is monitored to ensure it isn’t abused. Only take items for personal use, not to sell for profit. Also if you take anything out please deposit an item or gold of equivalent value. Please only deposit items that’s of use to other members such as crafting materials, motifs/recipes, intricate items and things like that. Items that’s considered of no use will be sold and the gold will be deposited into the guildbank. If you find yourself lacking the permissions to withdraw from guildbank ask someone that do have to help you (Scallywag and higher)
:five: RANKS
:Chicken: RASCALS are eligible to deposit in the guild bank.
If a Rascal would like an item from the guild bank, please ask the any higher ranked member to help you.
:Chicken: SCALLYWAGS are given the privilege to withdraw from the guild bank on their own. This privilege may, and will be, revoked if an Officer finds a member not abiding by the guild bank rules.
Misuse of banking rules will result in having withdrawal rights revoked or removal from the guild!
In order to get this rank you’ll have to gain the trust from Officers, Senior Officers and the Guildmaster.
Asking to get this rank are meaningless and will most likely put you further away from it.
:Chicken: RAPSCALLION are our “Veteran” rank and includes members we’re considering “Veterans” of our guild and are known for being very active and helpful to our members. Rapscallions are granted access to the Boardroom (officers chat)
:Chicken: OFFICERS – Helps the Guildmaster and the Senior Officers to manage the guild and make sure all members are following the guildrules. They also help running our various events and provide a blame point for when things go wrong :trollface:
:Chicken: SENIOR OFFICERS are handpicked by the Guildmaster to serve as his right hands and are the ones in charge if the Guildmaster are unable to lead the guild.
:Chicken: GUILDMASTER is the asshole who started all this madness…
Trading and crafting are always between members and the guild can never be held responsible if anyone gets ripped off/scammed by another member. All trading and crafting are always at your own risk. Doing so within the guild should be a safe place but the risk will always be there even with people you trust.