Trials (Veteran)

Turtles guide to (Veteran) Trials

Hello and welcome to my write-up for Trials.
Since most normal Trials can be blasted through easily, this is primarily aimed at helping you and in extension your group perform better at harder or Veteran Trials.

What I write down here ranges from must-have (buff food, listen to Trial leader) to suggestions (CP Points, build advice), however as to not intrude on how you play I will not mark what’s what.

It’s up to you to decide what you want to implement and what not. Most of the math in here, however, is not what I think is true but what I’ve looked up and learned, and as such will be true whether you want it or not.

As I like to get to the bottom of things, I assume you’d like to too; hence why I’ll probably write long explanations. I will also try to get some TL;DRs in there as well for the quickly bored, most titles can be interpreted as such.
If something is less important it’ll be marked in cursive.
I’ll also mark stuff with DD, TANK, HEALER; these things will be important for those roles and especially those roles should read them. If there’s no role marked it’s important for everybody.

TL;DR: Guide on how to improve in Trials below

Any questions/remarks, please send them my way, I love theorycrafting. Me being The Turtle. You know.